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Caroline Croft

Telephone: (678) 480-7650

Caroline Croft has been an instructor at swimsprout since 2013. She resides in Winter Park with her husband and their two amazing children. She moved to Orlando in 2006 and learned quickly, that knowing how to swim is a must for children.

Because her neighbors had pools and she lived near a pond, she enrolled her daughter in survival swim lessons at the age of 12 months. As a parent, she wanted the peace of mind that her child could survive if she were to encounter a body of water. By the age of two, her daughter was swimming like a fish. Needless to say, her son followed a similar plan and was enrolled in lessons at 18 months old. He too, was swimming with complete independence and confidence by 2 ½ years of age.

Caroline is passionate about teaching children the skills they need to survive should they encounter a body of water. You will see that she is firm, compassionate and dedicated to what she does.

Not only will your child gain aquatic skills, they will also have fun swimming with you and their friends at the completion of the program. An added bonus is that throughout the program, your child will gain self-confidence that they will carry with them throughout their lives. It is also important that you have a confident understanding of her teaching process and understand why she teaches what she does and that your child graduates from the program with a positive feeling of accomplishment.

Caroline looks forward to the opportunity to teach your child the skills needed to survive an aquatic accident. She looks forward to meeting you and your little ones soon.

To register for lessons located at Lake Highland Preparatory School please contact Caroline directly:
(678) 480-7650