Heidi Burnett Bio

I am a wife of almost 20 years and mother of college-bound twin daughters. Our family has happily lived in the Avalon Park area since 2003 and has seen the vast development of the area since that time.

I have always loved the water and was a competitive swimmer in high school. I am a certified scuba diver who thoroughly enjoys exploring the underwater world. My first experience with survival swim lessons was in 1986, when my twin cousins participated in a swim program to learn how to roll onto their backs and float. Years later, and after many more family members went through survival swim lessons, I enrolled my own twin daughters. I was so convinced and motivated about the lifesaving skills my daughters had learned, I decided to become a certified swim instructor who would teach the same life-saving skills.

I began teaching swim lessons in 2001 and since that time, I have taught more than 2,000 children throughout the United States. I worked diligently to expand my knowledge by participating in the Master Instructor training program and eventually made it to the highest level possible, Senior Master Instructor (SMI).

As a Master Instructor, I studied theoretical concepts in behavioral sciences, child development, psychology, and child anatomy/physiology. I also traveled to various parts of the country and trained more than 25 new swim instructors. In all those different areas and working with new instructors, I was responsible for the advertising of new students and securing training facilities. I was also mentoring 10 to 12 instructors throughout the U.S., providing guidance and troubleshooting lessons to enhance on-going instructor development.

As a SMI, I trained instructors to become Master Instructors. As part of those trainings, I worked in-water with the instructors to identify theoretical gaps and to improve their efficiency as instructors. This was often aided by conducting many hours of academic and video review sessions. During re-certification conferences, I conducted workshops that supported instructor development. All this while building and maintaining my own client base in Orlando.

As I am teaching your child the skills needed to survive an aquatic accident, you’ll see that I am firm, fair, and passionate about what I do. I love meeting new people and educating them throughout the journey of your child’s lessons. I want to ensure that all students leave my program with the tools and confidence to survive any aquatic accident and that the parents are also educated on how to help maintain the newly acquired aquatic skills and how to encourage their children beyond the initial training. Parents will be provided plenty of opportunities to get in the water and learn how to reinforce these lifesaving skills. My goal is to teach children the skills they will use for a lifetime. I have learned that when children obtain aquatic skills at a young age, it exudes confidence and makes them more assured in other aspects of their lives too.

I am excited about the opportunity to provide you the peace of mind of knowing your child can survive an aquatic accident. I look forward to meeting you and your lil’ one soon.

Warmest regards,

Heidi Burnett