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Janelle Hyde-Williams

Telephone: (214) 697-4211
Email: janellehyde-williams@swimsprout.com
Swimming Littles

Hello, my name is Janelle Hyde-Williams and I am a mother of three beautiful girls, ages 9, 20 and 28. I grew up in Allen, TX, and have lived here for 35 years. I discovered survival swimming lessons when my youngest daughter was an infant and we were looking for a swimming program for her. I was so amazed by what she learned; I decided to become an instructor myself.

In 2009, I became a certified swim instructor. The training was quite rigorous, consisting of 6 weeks of in-water instruction with a master instructor, along with academic study in the areas of anatomy, physiology, child psychology, and behavioral studies. I have been teaching infants and toddlers independent swimming and floating skills for more than 8 years and have also achieved my certification to teach a variety of swim stroke instruction to older children.

I attended the University of Texas at Dallas and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literary Studies, along with obtaining my teaching certificate. I have also completed some graduate level work, concentrating on Special Education, at the University of North Texas. I have not found any more fulfilling work in my lifetime than working with little ones as a swim instructor. I thoroughly enjoy working with children and it always amazes and excites me to watch a child master the life-saving skills this program teaches.

When I am not in the pool teaching little ones to swim, I love spending time with my family, volunteering at my daughter’s school, performing music with my band “Awecoustic,” tending to the vineyard venture I have undertaken with a good friend, and spending time at the church my family attends. I look forward to meeting you and teaching your child how to survive and have fun in the water!