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Michelle Matarazzo

Telephone: (321) 895-5111
Email: michellematarazzo@swimsprout.com

My name is Michelle Matarazzo and I am absolutely thrilled to be a swimsprout instructor. I was born in Puerto Rico (hablo español) but have lived in Florida most of my life. In 2007, my husband and I started a business, where I worked as an office manager for five years, until our first son was born. We now have three wonderful boys and have lived in the Saint Cloud, Florida, area for 12 years.

Thanks to my experienced mommy friends, I learned about swimsprout long before having my own children. Seeing their children love swimming at such a young age and seeing my friends feel so secure and confident in their baby’s survival skills made me a believer. I knew before having my boys that I wanted my kids to have these same skills. When my eldest son was born, I scheduled his survival swim lessons with Heidi at swimsprout when he 12 months old. By 15 months old, he could swim across the pool. He was our little fish and loved the water, but most importantly, he had the skills needed to survive an aquatic accident. Needless to say, we knew we had made the best decision for him and his two baby brothers followed in his footsteps.

For me, the decision to become a swimsprout instructor was a natural and obvious choice. I strongly believe every child should have these important lifesaving skills. Now that my boys are school-aged, I couldn’t think of anything more meaningful I’d like to do with my time than to help families keep their babies safe around water.