Shannon O’Lear Bio


Shannon O’Lear

Telephone: (803) 716-9337

Shannon O’Lear is a certified swimsprout LLC instructor and has been a pediatric aquatic survival instructor since 2011. As of 2017, more than 1,500 children have successfully completed Little Loggerheads Swim School’s program with Shannon, many of whom have reportedly saved themselves from accidental fall-ins since completing lessons.

She is a South Carolina native and was previously an investigative newspaper reporter and federal grants writer. Both her children both went through survival swimming lessons as infants, which inspired her to become an instructor. She is CPR/First Aid certified through the American Red Cross and insured by Sports and Fitness Insurance Company.

Shannon was so inspired by her children’s success at such a young age, she knew this was her calling. She looks forward to teaching your children the same skills and hopes you enjoy a lifetime of enjoyment around the water.