Alyse Cunningham

My daughter, Deanna, has been battling Cerebral Palsy due to a brain injury at birth and we are always looking for things to not only challenge her abilities but also help her find quality and joy in life. Heidi of swimsprout has been such an active part of Deanna’s progress. Deanna began swim lessons with Mrs.
Heidi in 2014 and we saw amazing triumphs in her since the very beginning. The instructors at swimsprout made us feel like part of their families. They didn’t fear her challenges being that she is non-verbal, has poor balance, hyper-sensitivities and several other diagnoses. The more they knew about her challenges the more investigated how to overcome them. I can say nothing but good things about the swimsprout team. 

My family is so pleased at the results. Deanna became stronger, her head control improved, she learned quickly to follow Mrs Heidi’s non-verbal cues and was challenged by the progress she observed from the other kids in the pool with her or that went before her. We plan to continue using swimsprout for years to come as Deanna loves the water. As she reaches new levels we want Mrs. Heidi’s input on how to make her a safe swimmer as well a stronger child all around.

Cherice Fleming

Both our boys were fortunate enough to bless Ms. Heidi’s block and pool with their screams of joy, after their initial tears of fear.  They both came into this world in extra special packages.  Our oldest has mild cerebral palsy and our youngest some similar, yet undiagnosed, gross motor and neurological challenges.  Both boys also have low vision. Ms. Heidi had the amazing ability to meet each boy at his level, yet still challenge each one at the precise moment to ensure they know exactly what to do when/if they ever fall into a body of water without a responsible adult nearby.  Ms. Heidi did all of this while keeping our fears as parents at bay as well.  Her professional and interpersonal skills are only augmented by her well-tuned instincts and intuition and enabled me to completely trust her with our boys of joy.

You rock!

Tracey Roberts

We enrolled our son in the swimsprout program when he was 15 months and in just 7 weeks he learned survival swim skills as well as how to swim and float. His instructor, Katie, is very knowledgeable in the principals and foundation of teaching these lifesaving skills. She genuinely has a passion for these children and their safety. This was seen in the way she interacted with my son as well with me. Not only did she teach my son these skills but also was able to teach them to myself and my husband which allowed us to have confidence in our son while we enjoyed time in the pool and at the beach!
We love swimsprout!!

Susan Coffin

I was reading an article in the Sentinel with tears in my eyes about the 18 month old girl that died a few days ago after falling into a pool. So incredibly sad. I just wanted to say thank you again for teaching both my kids to swim-float-swim. You are such a wonderful, dedicated teacher. I know your work takes you away from your family. Like all working mothers, you sacrifice time for yourself and with your family to teach all of our kiddos how to be safe (or at least safer) around water. Jay and I are so THANKFUL Gracie and Brady attended your program. I know they have a fighting chance if they found themselves in a pool. Something that girl did not have unfortunately. Incredible work my friend.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Susan Sells Coffin

Nichole Richmond

Hi Heidi!
So, I have a story to tell you. Today Brooke, Brady and I were out back in our winter clothes.(sneakers, long shirts and sweat pants) Brady was swinging away in his baby swing, I was cutting our bushes and Brooke was playing in her sandbox. She apparently needed some water to build her castles. Now mind you, our pool pump broke and our pool has turned green that doesn’t allow me to see the bottom. While Brooke was leaning over the pool, she fell in. I was about 10 feet away and looked right as I saw the bottom of her pants and shoes go in. I panicked and ended up jumping in after her. I only did this because I can’t see in the pool, I couldn’t see her but before I could even grab her she was at the edge climbing out. I was so proud and so thankful. I just wanted to send you an extra big thank you. You are the reason she was capable of doing this and not panicking.
So again, thank you.

Doris Ramos

I brought my 5 yr old son with Special Needs /Down Syndrome to swim lessons at Swim Sprout. I hesitated taking him due to past experiences. Heidi asked us to come in for a ’test run’ to see how my son would react to her in the water. I was relieved to see how patient she was with him and how she adjusted her teaching to meet his capabilities. Heidi encouraged him and helped him have fun while still learning how to swim. Even though some lessons were uncomfortable for my son due to the new skills he was learning, Heidi never lost patience and was very loving to him. I’ve been back for refresher lessons ever since and my son loves every lesson! Thank you Heidi for teaching my son how to defend himself in the water!


Hi Heidi – Oh and I forgot to tell you … Maybe in Late October….
It was the middle of the day. We went outside to enjoy the afternoon. Katherine and Zachary were blowing bubbles around my pool. They were sitting on the edge next to each other. Splashing their feet. In the deep end. I was watching them from about 3-4 feet away thinking how well they were playing together. Then, Katherine kicked just a bit too hard, looses her balance and goes right in the pool. Clothes and all. She’s screaming MAD! But, Screaming …. Because she had rolled over and was floating! How long has it been since we have been to see you ? Late May ? Early June ? She was right there at the edge. I picked her up out of the pool and she was FINE !!!!

I was not in a panic. My son, who is just four, was not in a panic. I have to admit I was a bit PROUD of my little girl.
There she is not even 2 years old. She turns two in mid February. She was mad. Because she was WET! But, not scared. She asks everyday if she can go into the pool. It was not a traumatic event for her to end up in the pool. If she had not learned those skills she would have been at the bottom of the pool. I would have been a wreck! She is my experimental learner. She has to try everything. I knew just KNEW she was going to end up in the pool unassisted. I’m just glad she had the skills. Thanks again !

Jaime Rhing

Hi Heidi!
Just had to share that I am so glad Charlie was in for refreshers last week! This weekend we were at a house on Saturday, a very cold day with him in long pants, shoes, long sleeves and he fell in the pool reaching for a toy. I wasn’t out there but my husband said he immediately did what he was supposed to do…roll over, float, get his bearings and he swam to the side and pulled himself out and asked for a towel! So proud of him!! It just goes to show how important the lessons are and how important refreshers for different seasons are. Thanks again and see you next spring!

You are literally a life saver 🙂
Jaime Rhing

Elizabeth Horn

Dear Heidi,
Thank you for all you’ve done for Ansley and our family- you’ve given her confidence and us peace of mind. The love and attention you show each of your students is why Ansley was able to make such progress this summer. To anyone questioning the cost and time commitment, I was a skeptic too, but now I’m a believer! I hope every child get to experience having at least one teacher who loves them as much as you love your students. You have foundyour calling in life and are an inspiration and blessing to us all.
Love, Justin, Elizabeth and Ansley

Chaynae Price

Mrs. Katie and the swimsprout team are amazing! My 5 & 2 year old love the water and are very confident in their abilities! As a mom, it is a huge relief to know they have mastered a lifesaving skill at such a young age! I highly recommend the program for kids of all ages!

Brandi Hall

If my son were ever in a situation where his swim training needed to be used it is my greatest hope as a mother that he would first breathe, then that he would assess the situation with poise and concentration and lastly that he would fight like hell for himself. All of those hopes that I have for him are learned traits from Heidi Burnett, the things I saw every day watching her teach. She was nothing but calm and poised; she concentrated on his individual strengths and weaknesses. She fought for him and cheered for him. Thank you Heidi, for giving my son the ability to save his own life and for giving he and I both the confidence that he will do just that.

Amber Carreon Todd

Is that really our two-year-old?
All I can say is WOW! Peace of mind is priceless. Paul Strauch has given our son a valuable lifesaving tool. This was our first experience with formal lessons and we had an amazing experience! I feel so confident taking him swimming now, knowing he will be safe and would survive if he ever fell into a pool. He learned the swim-float-swim method so quickly and loved Paul. I highly recommend Swim Sprout to all parents with young children. The commitment is well wort h the outcome. It is a decision you won’t regret!

Maureen Murphy

Mrs. Katie is Amazing!!! Over just a few weeks, Mrs. Katie taught our 18 month old the basic skills to survive in the water. The 1:1 sessions were personal to Miranda’s skill level and kept her challenged and engaged. Mrs. Katie (and the entire SwimSprout Family) genuinely care about your child and you feel that from the first lesson. We have followed up with “refresher” lessons and it has been so exciting to see our little girl not only learn how to swim / float, but also develop a love for the water.

Thank you Mrs. Katie and Team!!!

Kristin Martin

My son took lessons with Ms. Katie and we were very impressed.  She has an understanding of children’s instincts and abilities and what they are ready for.  My son started out fearful of swimming, and in a few weeks was so proud of himself; jumping off the side into the pool by himself.  Safety is the main priority though.  I am confident that if he fell into any body of water he could float on his back to breathe.  SwimSprout takes it a step further and ensures that the children can do this fully clothed, as they would be in the real world. 
We are so thankful to have found Ms. Katie and SwimSprout!

Heather Murphy

SwimSprout is truly dedicated to equipping your child with lifesaving skills in the water. I wouldn’t trust my child with anyone else. We have worked with Ms. Katie and Ms. Heidi since 2014. My son completed the initial basic water safety & survival classes (9 weeks) and has gone back in the fall & spring for brief refreshers (3-4 days) to ensure he’s remembering all he needs to stay safe and have fun. Ms. Katie is so wonderful to work with, and she always makes my little guy feel at ease in the water. He still talks about going to Ms. Heidi’s house for swim lessons when I pick him up from school. He absolutely loves it! To me, that tells you these ladies are something special.

Florida is surrounded by bodies of water, and I wanted my child to be taught lifesaving skills in the water. In a split second the unthinkable could happen. I wanted him to be prepared for that, and bottom line — you cannot put a price on your child’s life. Teaching him these skills was just too important to my family, so we made it happen.
SwimSprout is without a doubt an asset to our community, and I would recommend them to anyone!

Jenifer Campese

I honestly cannot say enough good things about SwimSprout and Ms. Katie! I am a first time mother and from the very first conversation I had with Katie I knew I was making the right decision in signing my 7 month old son up for infant survival skill lessons. SwimSprout came very highly recommended to me and it was absolutely worth every penny and then some. My son is now 2 years old and has been through several rounds of lessons and thanks to Ms. Katie he loves the water!! As a mother, having someone teach your child how to save themselves means so much but having someone teach your child, who you know truly cares about your child, means the world. 

Registration fee: $65
Weekly lessons: $75
Knowing your sweet angel will be safe in the water: PRICELESS!

We love you, Ms. Kiki!!!

Jeff Croft

My 4 year old daughter took swim lessons from Caroline and we could not be happier. Caroline is kind and patient but also disciplined in teaching and making sure water safety is being taught. Anytime I hear someone talking about swim lessons for their children I immediately recommend Caroline and SwimSprout. My daughter always ask “when we are going back to see Mrs. Caroline again” because she cannot wait to spend time in the pool learning some more.

Aimee Lacks

We have been going to Ms. Caroline for lessons for 3 years and it has been well worth all the time and money invested into our son’s swim lessons. He is confident and happy in the water and now has so much fun jumping in the pool and swimming independently! I can’t say enough about how happy we are with how well he has done – we love to swim so it’s made family time and vacations so much more fun!
Ms. Caroline is really an amazing, patient and skilled teacher – even after watching the lessons I’m not sure how she really does it, but I’m glad she does. Thanks swimsprout! You have given us peace of mind that our little one is safe and happy around the water.