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    At swimsprout, our mission statement is simple –
    to teach students the necessary skills and confidence to survive an aquatic accident and build a foundation for a lifetime enjoyment of water activities.

    Swimsprout instructors are trained to work with your individual needs so sprouts can safely grow fins.

    Call us today at 704-7SPROUT (704-777-7688)

    *Actual footage of a swimsprout student while at home*

    Our Team

    Learn more about each of our dedicated swimsprout instructors

    Heidi Burnett


    Caroline Croft

    Master Instructor Candidate

    Paul Strauch


    Lori Tucker

    Director/Master instructor

    Pattie Burns

    Travel Instructor

    Janelle Hyde

    Master Instructor Candidate

    Marina Flaherty


    Lynlee Holloway





    Need more info? Check here for in-depth answers to the most frequently asked questions by our future swimsprout families.


    Water Safety Tips

    Learn some valuable information on how to keep your little sprouts safe around water.


    Training Opportunities

    Interested in teaching children life-saving skills and making a difference in your community? Click here to learn more!


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    Contact Us

    We provide children swimming lessons in the surrounding locations listed below.
    If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Florida Locations –

    Avalon Park location:

    Telephone: (704) 7SPROUT (704-777-7688)
    Email: swimsproutllc@gmail.com

    Harmony/St.Cloud/Lake Nona location:

    Telephone: (847) 217-9451
    Email: paul.cindystrauch@swimsprout.com

    Oviedo, FL / Travel Instructor:

    Telephone: (407) 242-6348
    Email: Pattieburns@swimsprout.com

    Tavares/Eustis/Mt. Dora location:

    Telephone: (352) 636-1218
    Email: loritucker@swimsprout.com

    Lake Highland Preparatory School/Orlando location:

    Telephone: (678) 480-7650
    Email: carolinecroft@swimsprout.com

    The Milk District/Conway location:

    Telephone: (321) 795-3839
    Email: marinaflaherty@swimsprout.com

    Waterford/Eastwood/Stoneybrook/Cypress Springs/Andover location:

    Telephone: (407) 432-0441
    Email: lynleeholloway@swimsprout.com

    Texas Locations –

    Allen, TX location:

    Telephone: (214)697-4211
    Email: janellehyde@swimsprout.com

    Looking for other locations? Try one of our affiliate swim programs:

    Swim Life

    Watch Me Swim